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Without Repentance

I was listening to a podcast and was struck with burning, yearning desire to see people saved set free, and to know God. To see and bring forth miracles, signs, and wonders. To be God's hand in the earth. That conviction cmae so hard to me that the anointing of God washed over me and brought tears

Not tears of frustration or angst or fear but tears of love with the intent desire to save others, To see them set free of demonic influcnces and be all that God created them to be. This is not a new desire but today it is intense. Divine. Focused. Ever present.

The Bible tell us that we are should be making disciples, saving the lost, healing sickness, casting out demons, and the like. It tells us that Jesus gave His power to us and specifically tells us that we are empowered to do greater works than Him. That we have His power. The Word tells us that Jesus died on the cross that we might have life more abundantly.

But that abundance is not just in finances or even health. An abundant life is one that is Spirit filled and one where we operate fully in God's power and with God's authority. Where we cast out demons. Where we fully demonstrate God's love and forgiveness to others. Our abundant life means we emulate Christ in what we do and allow ourselves to be used fully by the Holy Spirit. A full or abundant life is when our lives more fully represent God the Father, where we operate under his authority, and manifest the gifts of the Spirit so that we can save the lost.

We can save the lost but we must love them first. Love them without any reservation. In their darkest hour or their highest moment. Too many in the church only want to save those people who are "clean", those who don't require effort on our part. And those who don't make us feel uncomfortable. We are more concerned about our homes, our family, and our problems that saving and discipling the lost.

The ministry of Jesus was selfless and was open to all. Jew or gentile. To all mankind. So our love and desire to see others saved should be similar. Extended to all with and endless amount of love and understanding. We need to have fire, a burning desire to do God's work to complete our purpose in Him. For every fiber of our being burn like an endless ember ever ready to blaze a path for God's Kingsom. Every read to blaze a path of salvation to the lost. Every ready to conduit of God's love and power to the earth. And ever ready to disciple those new or young in the faith.

God's gifts are without repentance and indeed God's love is too. Nothing to be ashamed of but rather something that should empower us to go back to God's original intent for mankind to have authority over the earth. If people are lost in their ideology, lost in their education, lost in their sexuality, lost in their gender, or even lost in their emotions they will never know Jesus. We cannot save the lost if Jesus is not our guide. If he is not reflected how we live, how we love, in how we have our being.

But when we yearn to do God's will and the lost see God's clear presence in our lives, then people will be drawn to the Lord and come to know Jesu. You see the proverbial "Come to Jesus moment" happens when people see God demonstrated in our lives. Let us all yearn be a plain table on which God paints His masterpiece so that others see the power, glory, peace, deliverance, love and joy that is our Father Who Art in Heaven.

Hallowed be His name. That His Kingdom will be done on earth, and through us, as it is in Heaven. Selah

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