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Who Made Your Righteous?

Originally publised on 12/15/15 on Blogger

All too often Christians feel inadequate or unworthy as people. Many of us know that we live lives that are not perfect, and which sometimes is raft with sin, whether it be lying, cheating, etc. Consequently, we feel as if we can’t or should not be viewed by others as Kingdom Representatives. That our lives are a reflection of all that is wrong with people and therefore can’t at all be worthy in front of God. This unworthiness is a lie which leaves many of lacking in happiness or completion of our duty as Christians or our God given purpose. Jesus once said to several future disciples, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.”

Clearly not everyone has the sole purpose to evangelize, but we all have a responsibility to do the same. When you know that you are made righteous by your relationship Jesus you know that you are able to properly represent the Father. Specifically it says, “Him who knew no sin, God made sin that we might become the Righteousness of God in Him.” Being righteous by relationship means there is no inadequacy, no lie, no shortcoming that can should preclude us from living for God and Him living thru us.

We should be encourage to know that we are worthy to represent the Father. Moreover, that righteousness should empower us to shed the yoke of any sin that binds us. The reality is that the people around us know we are not perfect. When we are real and acknowledge we are human and limited by ourselves, but complete thru Him, people will see we are one hundred percent real. Our individual realness and the love of the Father not only show our redemption but are sweet as honey to those around us.

As a result, people come to know that once the accept Jesus then perfection is not required. They see that complete faith in the Father sets us free; free to be whole, free to be who we were created to be, free to be the best most complete person we can be. The very idea that we don’t have to be perfect, when realized, compels people to know God, to really know him, even more so when they are connected to a good church body. This in turn allows people to let go of those areas where they are lacking, and ultimately become more and more like God/Christ which leads new people into the Kingdom.

In the end we should never feel lacking about who we are in God. Rather, we should feel complete in Him in such a way that we know we are a beacon of His love, His power, and His very essence. The God in us requires unshakeable faith in Him and His Word. Solid knowledge in Him allows us the freedom to emulate His love and exemplify His Kingdom. When you offer Him your heart He will give you the world and the world will come you because they want what you have.

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