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Walking with Your Father

Orginally published 6/18/15

When one talks to a mental health professional they may tell you that to have a sustained and successful relationship with a loved one involves having authentic, dynamic, and indeed personal relationships with your spouse.Oftentimes they will mention how you must build trust, understanding, or even be an active listener when the other person is speaking.One is encouraged to spend time with the other person, to get to know them, to see them as they really are.In all actuality these are things that will empower someone to be in an effective and loving relationship, with God.

To have an authentic relationship with The Father, where you have a deeper understanding of God’s Word (2nd Thessalonians 3:5), requires one to develop and maintain an individual relationship with God.Yes, one should read the Word and attend service because all are integral for your growth and development.But one should spend time with God, talking to Him, confiding in Him, as you would your mate. In doing so you develop a closeness, a bond. One such where you can hear from God, grow in His loving presence, and become the person He has always wanted you to be.

Growing in His love and presence affords one a great comfort that lifts life’s burdens off your shoulders, whereby you realize you have power and strengthin Him.You basically come to know God in His fullness and completeness.He asks you dearly to confide and trust in Him because your identity in Him is key to you living a victorious life. Identity in Him is tantamount to living in peace and walking in patience.Why?Because you know who you are and can walk in His peace and the very victory that Christ won for us.

In the end having a dynamic and complete walk with God is like any other relationship as it requires effort and commitment.Unlike a love relationship with people a love relationship with God is awash with His wonderful nature, that unwavering, completely washing love, that emboldens your actions and warms your heart.Having a deeper, lasting, and more personal relationship with God is key to spiritual growth and maturity.It is the key to walking in victory each day, able to overcome any obstacle, confident in who you are in Him. Just keep it a hundred percent real with God and He will knock your socks off with joy, blessings, and an abundance of all that is good and godly.

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