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Trust Above All Else

Originally published on Blogger 7/6/12

The Lord reminded me today that I am just now opening my heart fully to Him. I am learning to trust Him. Much like most people I do love Him, and desire to be close to Him, but have not made Him Lord of every part of my heart and life. The unfortunate thing for believers like myself is that too often we go through our whole lives without making God #1 in our lives, regardless of what happens

Making God the Lord of your life often means differrent things for different people. For me, one principle area is in my finances. Its funny but only now I am acknowledging He is the authority over my finances which is hard for me. Only now am I willing to make that change. For so long I did not trust Him nor did I consistent show myself trustworthy. Needless to say when one does this they cannot expect any long term prosperity or peace. The destroyer (Satan) and this fallen world will see to it the believer is robbed. Moreover, when YOU are the lord of your finances, or any area, you are prone to error, which is a mother as they say.

For years I have gone through many situations and experiences where people would ask, "Why you?". More often than not I would say it was an attack of the enemy, and it often was. But, it was also my lack of belief in Him, and trust of Him that would make me succeptible to attack and left me unable to respond per the Word. This lack of belief really amounted to sin because it was contrary to the Word whereby I was not living up to the life God wanted to me be or what he wanted me to possess. Now if you think this is just something that can happen to people like me you are wrong. So many Believers do not trust God and live a part of their lives in utter and complete disbelief. Some like me have been taught the truth of God's Word and simply ignored it or refused to follow it. Others were ignorant because they did not want to be taught or had not heard the truth. Either way we delude ourselves of who we really are while we wallow in the lower depths or angst, not walking fully in our relationship with God, or even living in the way we should.

All is not lost here you see. Unbelief can be put down, unlearned so to speak. But true growth requires being bathed in the Truth of the Word, and in making a heart decision to trust God. Learn to trust Him. He is waiting patiently like your true love or like a loving parent after a pee-wee game. Turn towards Him and let sense knowledge (your mind) go. That my friend is the problem. When you think with your mind you leave out your heart (spirit), and it is your spirit that communes with God. Your learn to trust him based on a heart decision and the solidifying of a heartfelt relationship.

I know its not easy to make Him Lord of all your life, as I am experiencing now, but it is imperative for you and your family. Indeed its important because once you walk fully in Him, trusting Him, you can teach/disciple others. This builds believers up and helps all of us make the earth more like Heaven. Trust God in all things, with your whole heart. Yes, it will take a while but you will have peace, joy, and walk fully in the power and glory of God the Father. Amen.

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