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The Power That Love Brings

Originally published on Blogger on 11/16/15

“Do you believe in love and the promise that it gives. I want to love you for life and your love is why I live." I heard these lyrics over and over again while in college. I thought it was a pretty song and made me think of love, great love, sweet love with someone special. I thought of how I would extend my love, indeed my heart to someone, who in return would extend her heart to me. At the time it seemed like a nice song for nice people but didn’t seem much more than that. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. That day I had found out that my dad had died and I heard the song, but this time the Holy Spirit opened it up to show me something about the God the Father.

As I listened to that specific bar of the song it came to me that this song contained an elemental truth about Daddy God. The Word tells us that God is love and that the power of love is one of the greatest powers in the universe. Just as we see in this song God wants to know if we believe in His love, via His Son, and the power that it gives. His love not only empowers us to fulfill our God given purpose but is the genesis of all creative and redemptive power in the universe. In fact the promise of His love that we receive when we open our hearts to Him and submit , is more beautiful than the most picturesque sunset. The promise of His love is the promise of His heart, which is that He will love us for life, the human span of life, and the life of eternal reward we have in Him.

The truth of the matter is that God does want to love us for life and that love, His love for us and our love for Him, is why He lives. Our God has chosen to love us, to know us, personally. As we commit to Him and grow in We too want to love Him for life and find His love; for us, with us, in us, is why we live. Never thought I would get a glimpse of Daddy God in a Jodeci song.

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