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The Pleasure of Children

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

*Originally Published 2/19/12*

I read a quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky that said, "The soul is healed by being with children". This made me think of the chance I had today to spend time with my daughter. It had been some time since I had the opportunity to spend time with her. Just walking through a pet store and talking was rejuvenating and soothing. Each step we took I noticed how she was so articulate and blossoming into a wonderful young lady. As we perused the store she held onto my arm as we chatted and looked about.

Being able to sit with her and talk over a burger at Wendy's might seem like a simple thing and perhaps not even a pleasure. But, it was far from boring. You see, as children grow and mature talking with them becomes more interesting and more interactive. For instance, its always interesting to hear my daughter talk about her life, her dreams, or even her grandmas babysitting. The joy is simple and so complete. I think back to when I was not a parent and joyful things were music or a good date. Good things no doubt but they don't compare to the joy of being a parent. Nah, they were shallow in comparison whereas doing the simple things with my daughter now bring joy that stays with me 24/7.

The simple and complete pleasure of parenthood allows the parent to more fully appreciate life, and hopeful to more completely walk with a joyful heart and happy countenance. One cannot completely understand it until you are a parent but it is absolutely wonderful.

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