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The Flow

Originally posted on 1/4/16 on Blogger

Recently my pastor, Jim Lillard, revealed he had attacked by the enemy in his health. His hthm and therefore his body was not functioning correctly. That day as a church we began to pray together and curse and cast down that lie, as he taught us. The guest minister that day instructed people to come up and pray for the pastor. As a usher I moved to make sure that people would be moving in an orderly manner to the front of the building. People moved directly towards the pastor and reached out their hands praying in the Spirit (tongues) and in English.

Just soon as I had moved behind him I laid my hands on his shoulder and began praying in tongues. Keep in mind the Bible tells us that we can speak in unknown tongues, that the Holy Spirit gives us utterances, and the Holy Spirit speaks through us to God when we talk in tongues. Each moment that we stood there I could feel my spirit rising up, and people placed their hands on my shoulders while maintaining contact with each other. Being in agreement, speaking health to the pastor, while being completely open to God and His Holy Spirit, was a new experience to me.

I could feel the anointing of God’s healing power coursing through me like water through a damn. Pushing, moving, pulsating like a start. It felt so right to be so open, so free, so pure, so much in line with God. In this instant my mind, like many others there, had been laid aside, with my spirit man flowing in line with God’s power. When we stopped praying I felt spent, but in a good way. I was hungering for more and completely surprised at what I had encountered.

Funny thing is I had encountered God in full effect, just by being willing to pray for my pastor, and with all the other people connected to me and being in line with the Spirit I realized that there is no limit to what a committed Christian or church can perform. I know my pastor will walk fully in God’s healing, but I also now know what it is to feel God’s anointing in me, and that it is indeed real. I had been in the position of receiving God’s spirit having been prayed for but being the vessel, for however long, is distinctly different.

God so dearly wants to operate in us, fully. When we completely submit to Him by repeating His Word or allowing the Holy Spirit to operate in us we can become more fully God natured and God empowered. Doing so is a glorious thing and will help ensure each of us walks more fully in God’s power and will more readily reconcile the world to God’s Kingdom.

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