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Spending Time With The One Who Loves You

Originally published on 12/31/15 on Blogger

Like so many others I am a parent to a teenage girl. Needless to say it is very interesting and rewarding to spend time with her. It seems very hard to get her to spend time with me or get on her radar. But, recently I went to her grandma’s home where I gave my daughter her Christmas gift. Initially she was a little quiet and didn’t say much. More and more she loosened up and told me about what was going on in her life. Eventually, she began to ask me my thoughts on Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump, and even immigration. It brought me an immense sense of joy to sit there with her and she the great young woman she is becoming.

Point being as her father I want so much to be in relationship with her, to fellowship with her, to sit in the cool of the morning talking to her about life and the beauty therein. Daddy God sees us in the same way. He yearns to hear from us, regardless of how big or small the issue is. Like a human father He loves us, but unlike us He loves without limits and without restrictions. He gives us the free will to be in relationship with Him or not, but when we make the choice to develop a relationship with Him He is overjoyed. Much like Adam we can have such a strong relationship with Daddy God where we walk with Him, talk with Him, and we can hear Him tell us that we are His own.

Relationship with Father God can take time to develop, and depends largely on us opening our hearts to him, spending time in His Word, and realizing He loves us no matter what. The Word tells us that once we give our hearts to Jesus that we are forgiven of ALL sins, and as such we can confidently walk with God. He wants so much to be in fellowship with us. Not because we are perfect in our actions, but simply because He is our Father.

Back to me, as I listened to my daughter talk about what was important to her I realized how important my presence in her life was important, how it helped shape her. The same goes with God because our relationship with Him helps mold us, grow us, empowers us to be the people we were meant to be. Authentic relationship with God is the most important relationship we can ever have. When God and His Son live in us we are not only new creations, but beings capable of great feats of love, actions, boldness, and a testament to the best in people. Relationship in God is sweeter than any drug, any high, any amount of money simply because it is the one thing that can complete me.

I encourage you to look to the Father, to be in relationship with Him, and see how He transforms you and your life . With His love and your steadfastness to His Word there is nothing that you can’t do, nothing that can stop you, nothing that you can’t be. In the end relationship with and in God is the catalyst towards living a victorious Christian life, especially if you study and grow in His Word. May God guide you in 2016.

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