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Some Thoughts on Purpose

Originally Published on Blogger 4/18/12

I once dated a woman who was a great person. Like many of us she went to work each day, worked hard, and was and good woman. She was an excellent worker and a kind a supporting woman. But she had no goals, which bothered me. Moreover, she had know idea of her God given purpose.

Unfortunately most people go around trying to figure in their heads what they should do with their life. Heaven knows I have fallen into this category too. I also know that simply trying to find purpose by using your own logic can lead to disastrous results. When we do this we often use other people's concepts to determine our destiny.

If you believe in God then its simple. Spend time with God and He will reveal to you what your purpose is. Then again, this might not be that easy. Why? Because for most of us it is very hard to spend time in His Word and in developing that relationship with Him. However, if and when you commit to finding your purpose this way it is both empowering and liberating. For in Him you will find that one thing He implanted in you that sets your heart afire.

Now I am sure some of you are sitting there thinking, "Here he goes again with that God stuff". That being said, the thing that you love to do is often that thing that God has planted in you. The point is that your destiny is there waiting for you to realize it and act on it. Do you have to be perfect and do it by a given date or time? No. But you do have to find what it is and move towards it. If you don't then you will be left unfulfilled and quite possibly sad about what you didn't do with your life.

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