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Sensitivity of the Spirit

Originally published 1/19/14 on Blogger

I often watch Netflix as my evening entertainment. Oftentimes I gravitate towards documentaries about life, about men and women working to live, sometimes in harsh conditions. One of the shows I really enjoyed was Deadliest Catch, which was about crab fishing on the Bering Sea . This show features the dialy travails of various ships: the joys and troubles associated with crab fishing. There are many interesting people on these ships that give evidence to the joys, sadness, and tribulations that many of us face in our own lives.

Each ship seems to have their own character, way of life, philosophy of living, based primarily on the captain and how each man operates. One day I was watching the show and the captain of the Cornelia Marie, Phil Harris, had fallen as his ship was tossed about in rough seas. He continued to work, even after he began coughing up blood, and after much prodding he went to see a doctor on a remote island. At one point he says, “I had a premonition, I am gonna die on this ship.” At this moment I felt a deep, hard pain in my heart. It grieved me to hear him say this, more so than I could really convey. I mean, I felt like I was going to cry because of the sadness I felt in my spirit.

The next day I was playing tennis with a good friend of mine and mentioned that I watched the show. My friend tells me he heard of that show, and that he heard a captain on that show had died. When I checked I realized that Phil Harris had died on his ship from a heart attack. I was saddened and surprised at first. Then I understood why I felt so sad earlier in my spirit.

My spirit hand sensed that grief and sadness caused by the death of this man. For some reason I was sensitive to his death, and could tell something was wrong. What is interesting to realize here is that any man or woman, particularly a believer, can be sensitive to things in their spirit. In this case I was sensitive to a sad thing, a death, one that caused angst to a crew, a family, men in that profession, and to a wider viewing audience.

My goal here is not to glorify death but to show that anyone can sense things in their spirit. Your spirit or hunch can tell you of things to come, things that are, and things you need to know. In this case if told me of something that I had neither considered, about someone I did not know personally. Your spirit, when connected with the Holy Spirit, can make things manifest that you may not initially understand, but it is done for a reason, a purpose often larger then what you can think or see around you.

Be open to listening to your spirit, let it operate freely and listen to it closely. Your spirit can guide you in all things, in ways you can’t imagine, and can open you to the many facets of life, and ALL the facets of God’s Kingdom.

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