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Revolution of the Spirit

Originally posted on Blogger 3/1/13

Tonight, I was sitting at home tonight listening to old school music, spoken word artists like the Last Poets and Gil Scott Heron. As I sat there listening to the last Poets talk about the black community I could not help but think of how I viewed change, revolution, collective empowerment, and discrimination as a young man. At that time I saw revolution as possible via social and political constructs, collective empowerment as possible via economic and social tools, and discrimination as something committed solely against people of color by the dominant culture. Now my viewpoint was not unlike the majority of black youth and was in line with my musical heritage.

Much like the Last Poets I have long thought that too many black people are afraid of change, afraid to act, reticent to stand up to injustice. Too often we are more than willing to call on the “man”, to argue that we are wronged, without doing anything substantive to change the environment around us. Even our elected officials do little to effect change. To this day I still think this is the case but there is one fatal error in this logic, it presupposes that change comes from man. That change is based on what we do in our natural minds, but this neglects that real revolution is of man’s spirit.

To me, the real revolution will be one of the spirit, one that cannot be stopped by force or coercion, one that will change people forever. Any lasting revolution in recorded history really had to do with the change in peoples’ spirit. This is because man is tri-part being in mind, body, and spirit, and when man’s spirit is changed anything is possible. Now this can go both ways because the spirit can be corrupted, but when we as humans open up to God’s will, plan, and purpose we set the stage for change. Its like Gil Scot Heron said, “The revolution will not be televised”, but it will be one of the spirit.

The question is do we open ourselves to the Spirit of the Father or that of the devil? I believe we will have revolution in the earth but it will be focused and predicated on the Word of God. This does not require people to be perfect or to live sin free lives but requires the Word of the Father to be pre-eminent in their lives. The revolution of the spirit will come when each of us lines our mouths, thoughts, and actions with the Father. This revolution will lead to collective empowerment, justice, and joy but as a result of God’s love and presence in our lives.

All too often intellectuals seek to start a revolution of natural rights and neglect the true revolution of the spirit that leads to all other things. Its really quite simple because the spirit filled, imparted, and led revolution will undoubtedly lead to man’s fulfillment, the cessation of strife and war, and the renewing of the human spirit from on high. Some would call this a fool’s wish but really, think about it….why do people want revolution? To have peace, joy, fulfillment, and love. And, God’s spirit in us, working through us, and washing over us will lead to revolution. I submit that you open yourself up to God, His Word, and His revolution because when you do, well, your life will truly be so wonderful.

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