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Revive Us Again

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

I was reading about the prayer that started the Ashbury Revival. My spirit leaped up as if it was gonna lift me off the ground. The Holy Spirit in me had activated like the chemical reaction in a nuclear explosion. Surrounding me in God’s love and presence. I knew immediately that the Lord wants a revival in Austin and in every city. But that will require us to see Him, to bathe in His love. The only way for revival to spread is to receive His love and to spread it like a virus. To sit in it like prized car and celebrate His love for us, and to radiate that love to others.

I began talking to others about the revivals going on and watched a video about how the revival started at Ashbury College. The worship leader preached what the Holy Spirit told him about love; to be God’s love, to love others. He even asked the people there if they loved one another. This is a simple and powerful truth about God’s love because it extends to all whether they be friend or foe. My spirit told me I had a part to play in God’s revival in Austin just as we all have a part to play wherever we may live.

And in that moment, I began to hear my heartbeat. Bump. Bump. Bump. Steady. Strong. Pulsating throughout my body. Even as the fan whirled above my head and a siren blared down the street somewhere I could still heart is loud and clear. Bump. Bump. Bump. Then I knew it wasn’t just my heart but the heart of The Lord God Almighty. I breathed in and out. Heavily like a baby does taking it’s first breathe of life.

God’s heart is in me and its in you. We are the revival! Being open to Lord God is the key. It is the only way for revival to come and stay like an infestation of bedbugs. Our infestation is us in the presence of God. Us as conduits of His love. Us as emissaries of God’s power in the earth. Every person must operate in the saturation of His love. Love your church family. Know that love that emanates from us is the power that enables the Holy Spirit to linger, to stay, to cause the revival so many of us want.

We don’t need to wait for a high-powered name to lead the revival because we have a high-powered God who wants to operate in us. Do not linger. Do not tarry. Do not underestimate God’s power in you or your church or your circle of friends. We are waiting on God, and He is waiting on us.

Let’ take this personal. Be revived in Him and His love and see revival spread. Everything we need is there but each of us is the catalyst that will revive this nation. To revive our cities. To revive our families. To revive every living thing on this earth so that it all honors God and is a living embodiment of His love.

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