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Real Time. Real Relationship. Real Results.

Originally published 10/19/15 on Blogger

As I was coming to work I felt a great sense of not wanting to go. Feeling as if my job is not my purpose, not my assigned place, and certainly not something I wanted to do for the next twenty years. I felt the proverbial pit in my stomach, yearning for something else, wanting something more, desperately wanting to turn around and go back home. As I sat there I thought about what God wanted me to do with my life. Thinking of asking my pastor what to do to hear Him more clearly so I know exactly what the next step should be.

As I sat there I thought about how I just needed to spend more time with Daddy God. I think that was the Holy Spirit’s way to remind me of what I needed to do in this situation. You see spending time with God is the key to walking fully in Him and being able to clearly discern what He wants you to do. Like many people I have fallen into a routine after work of going home, eating, and relaxing. I go home to relax in my home when I really need to go home and spend time with God.

I realize that not doing so has effectively slowed me in completing purpose, or even starting a business. I think I need to break up my routine. Years ago when I was job hunting I would look for work all day, go home and eat dinner, then spend another hour or two looking for work online. I think I need to spend an hour or so each evening seeking God. Now I do spend time with Him but apparently it is not sufficient towards my personal growth.

I think my story is the story of so many of us today. We know God but need to know him better. We expect results without effort. Weight loss without eating right. Having a loving and secure relationship without spending time with our love. I ask you friend, are you spending the time you need to with God? Please don’t fall into a routine, don’t just limit God to a given time. I often hear the Holy Spirit tell me to spend time with God but so often I find something else to do, forgetting that there is nothing more important than spending time with my Father.

Oftentimes when I write I will cite scripture and I should but I think what I have discussed here is consistent with scripture and even what it means to have real and authentic relationships in general. I encourage any reading this to never be afraid to buck your routine for relationship with God. I know I have some changes to make and encourage you to do the same. Doing so will enrich our lives, bring us closer to God, and give clarity of purpose and action to us we move forward. We will grow in Him, prosper in His Word, and live out the lives He created us for.

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