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Proper Diet

Originally published on Blogger on 2/26/12

We live in a world where we understand the power of words. Per psychology we might say that our minds will produce the thing that we think of or meditate on. When a young person tells himself or herself that "I am stupid" any reasonable adult will tell them to not use that language because it is not positive reinforcement. Indeed our minds will produce the thing or things we imprint on it. For instance, when you go to a recovery program or a counselor they will teach you how to use appropriate language.

Many of us will quickly attest to this but when it comes to the Word of God we just get stupid. If our minds will produce what we think of or say how much more will our spirit work towards what we feed it. You see, man is a spirit being and as such his spirit is even more powerful than his mind. If we feed our spirits hate, destruction, and unforgiveness than our spirits will work to produce those things. That's why in the Bible Jesus instructs us to meditate on the Word day and night.

The Word of God allows us to wash our minds of stinking thinking and replace those thoughts or patterns with something else. As we replace what is in our spiritual gas tank we can run our lives on the power of God. This fuel powers our being but replaces our nature with His nature. Impartation of the mindset of Christ brings out that part of God which is in us. In fact, every aspect of God is in us and when we meditate on that we become more like Him and grow up spiritually.

In truth this is a very simple but powerful thing that each believer should lay hold of. We are smart enough to make sure we feed our physical bodies the right fuels to grow and stay healthy but we fail to properly feed our spirits. This is vital since our spirits dominate all other parts of being. Man is a tri-part being (mind, body, and soul) that needs the right nourishment. Without the right food we can't grow, we don't get right, and when we don't get right we become spiritually impudent and ineffectual in our lives and in the world.

Let's choose to feed our bodies physical food, our minds knowledge, and most importantly our souls the Word of God. Doing so will allow you to be become fully actualized in every phase of your life.

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