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Politics of Faith

Originally published 5/28/12 on Blogger

I once had a manager who sat her employees down and had each of us write out things we wanted one day to be thankful for in the future. Some years later, in the spring of 1999, I sat and wrote down a few things that I wanted to be thankful for one day. They included many things, which I won't mention today, but one of them was being founder of a political party.

I come from a family of people who were either involved in or interested in politics. I read the paper and watched the news from an early age. I was always reminded of how things worked in the community and always had a desire to see people happy, to see them fulfilled, and always was interested in politics. This continued on throughout college up until the time I wrote this thank you note. The party's objective was to build an alternative to the two party system that might consist of:

1. Broad based coalitions between people of color and low to moderate income whites

2. Faith based politics without the "holier than thou" attitude

3. Focus on helping people help themselves while addressing issues like racism or corporate welfare

4. The protection of children, which would consist of properly funding education, juvenile

rehabilitation programs, and promoting juvenile activism in the community

Now surely all of these are worthy things. Yes, all people should work together in coalitions to find solutions to problems. There are too many government policies that help make people dependent as opposed to enabling people to become empowered to success. And we do a miserable job of giving our youth situations in school and the community to become productive citizens, and not just good students. But what I want to focus on today is the idea that faith can be a driving force towards all of these things. Indeed faith is the key to success.

I always knew faith was important, though at the time I wrote this down God was someone I knew of but didn't know personally. At the same time I knew faith and politics were not mutually exclusive, and could exist in the same political space. There could be a political party that was faith based without the snobbery we sometimes see from people of faith.

Faith in the Father (Lord of Hosts), the Son (Blessed Redeemer), and Holy Spirit (of Truth) does not include condemnation or self righteousness but in fact oozes with love. It provides evidence of how God loves us in spite of us. He covers us, provides for us, and wants the best for us. Now, God via the Word says clearly what He expects of us but once we have faith in Him there is no amount of sin that can wash our covenant away. As such any party based on the Word does not bonk people over the head when they do something wrong, no, it lays out what is right, forgives, leads the way to the right behavior while making sure that to encourage others not to make the mistake made by the individual or organization. The point is that we don't have to be holier than thou, to demand perfection, just encourage people to have relationship, to know the Father.

Moving on, we know that per the Christian faith we know there is power in the blood, that God thru His son came to liberate man, to complete us, to make us joint heirs in the abundance of His Kingdom. Therefore a political party with "real" faith based policies is about empowering people to live in the same completeness as outlined in scripture.

Now many will argue that faith and politics is divisive but this is a false dichotomy. Indeed faith will tell us what behaviors are right and wrong and that is primary. But a faith based political party guided by The Word will always love and always work to provide political and policy options that embolden people to be complete, to be one with the Word. I do not see this as divisive option but as one that ultimately will enable people to live their lives out in the fullest, most fulfilling way possible.

Unlike political parties today that exist to further their existence, and provide things to people to justify their worth. What I am arguing is fundamentally different because the primary purposes would be to be one with the Word, to provide people with things they need to be complete spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Parties today are creatures of logic, of man, and consequently exist in a different way and for different reason that what I envision. In fact, what I envision will lead to a revolution as to how we provide all types of things.

Education would not steer every child towards college or teach them things in rote, as important as this might be. No, education would help each child determine what their talents were, dare I say help them determine their purpose as much as possible, and have options that fit a type of learner and or a particular skill set. Social services would indeed help the least among us but would also focus heavily on how to spiritually, mentally, and emotionally enable each person or family to be complete, to believe in themselves, to be empowered with the tools to be successful, whereas today people are helped thru a situation but not given a long term solution. Fiscal policy would sometimes include taxes but it would not penalize anyone group of people because of or in spite of financial success. It would operate on the assumption that there is abundance for us all and simply set up a playing field where everyone has an equal opportunity to walk in the blessings God has already given us, if they choose to do so.

Think of the political parties today. Does God really exist fully in either one of them in the US? Not as He should or could. He could if we want to let Him be God, you know the Lord of Hosts? Again, some would argue that God does not need to be in this arena but if God created the world what arena should He not be guiding us in? That is flat out illogical and is evidence of a lack of spiritual maturity or veracity. God should be evident in politics as much as He is in a sermon. In the Bible it says believers are in the ministry of reconciliation and as such are tasked with reconciling the world to the Kingdom of God. This is a daunting and wonderful task because a political party that understands this and is guided by it will focus on godly principles that ultimately engender the best in people, that empower people to be who they are on the inside, to be their best.

So consider that a faith based political party is an option. I am not advocating a theocracy but a life and indeed a political party that truly honors God, which in turn will truly honor, appreciate, and empower people. It will not condemn people or scare them by telling them they will go to hell but will demonstrate that even in politics God is love and that He truly wants the best for His people. As such the party will work to provide political and policy options that are in line with the Word but also that will provide options that really meet the needs of people.

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