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Mr Big Brains

Originally published on Blogger 6/13/23

I have always been a thinking person. Because of that I tend to operate around ideas that are logical, that fit a process, that improve programs or situations. This is a good thing in general because I can detach myself from feelings in order to reach a conclusion or accomplish an objective. That ability to think, to reason is an asset in how I approach life and sometimes people, allowing me to be able to take in information in an efficient way. I am at ease with using my ability to logic or reason as the basis for decision making.

I used to be very proud of my ability to reason, my intellect, but in the end it has limitations as well. When you are a thinker your mind is the center of your world, the primary place where you exist, how you view life, how you live life, then that is the only thing you rely on to be fulfilled. As a result you tend to see life, friends, and even faith in a way you can rationalize, that fits your ability to reason. You tend to view faith as something that is on par with your intellect, not as something that is superior.

Man’s ability to reason is an important, God given gift, that should be utilized, but the idea that one’s mind is equal or superior to God is crazy. When your mind is dominant it is in fact the enemy of the Spirit (God) and actively works against the will of God. This doesn’t mean your mind is bad but it does mean that it should be subordinate, or guided by the Holy Spirit. Naturally, it can be quite difficult for a logic ruled man or woman to let go of the one ability they control, to allow God to guide them, but the results are wonderful.

Being guided by God and His Holy Spirit allows Him to operate in you fully, as you acquiesce to His will. I know this is hard because I am still learning to submit all of me to the Father. But I also know that as this happens I am more and more in line with the Father, guided by Him, and can more readily receive the things He has in store for me. Doing this makes life infinitely more peaceful, makes anyone more focused, and takes the onus off the individual to make things right. Unfortunately, too many of us struggle with that shift that puts the Holy Spirit (God) in control and not us, this need not be so.

The struggle we face is needless because as we allow God’s Spirit to dominate our lives, our very souls, we connect ourselves to Him, His knowledge, will, plan and purpose. In actuality subordinating our minds to Him connects us to His knowledge, infinite knowledge, is the best thing we could do. Our individual minds have limits on knowledge and abilities but God has no limits, so why not submit ourselves to His Holy Spirit. Yes this is hard to do but the rewards are as infinite as God himself.

Take a moment to consider this because the simple act of submission can change your life, often in way you cannot imagine. Daily submit your members (whole self) to God. Iron out the wrinkles in your mind and lay it to rest with God. Its so simple, so very simple. Trust that when you do you will still have the same brain power but it will be under the power of God, which is a great place to be. Having your mind (brain) serving God is truly empowering, in a way that ultimately will help any believer lead a god centered, fulfilling life, full of joy, and one where His peace permeates your presence.

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