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Man of God

Originally published on Blogger on 12/9/12

Like most parents I strive to be a godly example to my daughter. In my mind I strive to be a perfect example of who He is and how He lives in us each day. Needless to say that being perfect is not necessary to be used of God and to be a good example to others. Moreover, I have fallen short in many areas but remain a good example of someone who works to exemplify the living Word in his daily actions and interactions.

In dealing with my daughter I have attempted to be honest about who and what God is, how we play a part in letting Him lead our lives, and how He is there with us each day and each way. I don't try and sugar coat things but always just try to be the best example I can be. Even when I serve at church in the Ministry of Helps my daughter is able to see a man who is God centered and one that works to build the Kingdom of God.

This has not always been easy as her mother and I disagree on what is the Truth of God's Word. Nonetheless I have always encouraged her to know God, to develop that relationship with Him. I sometimes wonder what she retains and understands and always think that she will make the right decision at the right time since she has the seed of the Word planted in here. I don't always see this fruit produced or get the evidence that she the seeds I plant are received.

But I have found that just when you wonder if your kids are watching and learn they will show you how they see you which will directly influence how they see God and the type of people, and dare I say mate they will seek out. One day I was driving somewhere with my daughter and she points to my arm and says, "Daddy you are strong". I am amazed because I just feel like I have average strength. Then she says, "But you are also strong in God."

You cannot imagine how high my spirit jumped. Not because "I" was elevated but because she knows what a man looks like who is grounded in God, growing in God, whose strength is God, who is led by God. I was overjoyed because that is the type of man I pray she gets and if I can exemplify that type of man to my daughter then I have done my job in raising her in the light of the Father.

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