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Let's Get to Stepping

Originally published on Blogger on 1/11/16

During the last year we have seen many tragedies happen around the country. Some of these horrible acts were committed by the mentally ill, some in support of jihad, and some in hopes of starting a race war. People were upset by these actions and took to the streets to demand that our borders be closed or demand that the police act as protectors and not our enemies. There have been many that have argued for more gun control, more laws, more executive action on the part of the president. Many of these are plausible ideas, albeit ones that may be driven political mindset.

And though we should consider any way to effect change in our world today, community based or at the hand of government, we must acknowledge that these only tangentially affect human behavior. We can regulate behaviors or actions by law, executive action, or even community activism, all of which may have some effect on the malaise that I am speaking of today. But the truth is that we don’t need more and more laws. We need more and more God. For believers we must not just be quick to call on this political figure or party demanding action. No, we must act ourselves. You see what we need more than any action by man is a move of God, a revival.

This move of God can only happen if we the people are open to the Holy Spirit, grounded in His Word, and willing to be used. In the third chapter of John we are reminded by our redeemer, Jesus, that the Holy Spirit give birth to Spirit. You see the Holy Spirit is like a worm hole a la Star Trek or Doctor Who which ushers the presence of God to us, His essence, His peace, His very nature. Yielding to His spirit will produce much more than any law enacted by Congress or the POTUS. A revival imbued with the Holy Spirit will see many lives touched, many lives saved, many people healed. We will see many moves of God’s Holy Spirit such as wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, and prophecy. (1 Corinthians 12:4-11) Perhaps the thing that might seem to matter most are the healings, moves of faith, and miracles.

Why is this so very important? Greater faith in God and being to the Holy Spirit will lead to more and more miracles and healings. People being healed and receiving miracles affirms our faith in God and the miraculous, and helps us see that the very peace we want in the earth is in us, as God’s vessel, and that is waiting to be released into the earth. This peace alongside with the moves of the Spirit here are what will change our world, not a law. This is not to say we should not have laws but to underscore any change must be spiritual and must involve God. Any real change will only occur when each of us gets fed up, mans up, and opens up to God operating in and through us.

In Him we move, in Him we live, and in Him we die, but also in Him we can change the world. Nuff said.

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