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Kingdom Empowered

Originally publised 6/18/15 on Blogger'

Today is a sad day in our nation. Nine people were killed by what is likely a deranged and hateful young man. It is definitely sad that these people, who were worshiping God were killed. This deprives them and their loved ones of memories, family, and the very beauty of life itself.

It is at times like these that it seems like life is cruel, hatred is supreme, that progress has indeed been halted. If you just look at the media you will see how we can spend days talking about what caused a white woman to call herself black but only a few minutes to delve into the horror of what happened, or to examine what caused this or even the proper way to prevent future violence.

Many people will use this tragedy to advocate a policy of this or that but in the end the power to effect change does not lie in government regulation. No it rests in Kingdom Authority , in God’s Kingdom. Let me say that we may not stop all violence, that government does play a part, but ultimately we as Believers must be vigilant, must use God’s Word, decree it in our mouths, and believe it in our hearts if we are truly going to see change, to curb violence, to do as it says it Matthew and have things on earth as they are in heaven.

Do not be lulled into a sense of disbelief, or an inevitability of strife or grief by the actions of people like this young man in South Carolina. They are pawns in the heads of the devil, to be used to silence us, to encourage us to be silent, to shudder our doors, to retreat from the world, to be believe in the likelihood of doom, and not the certainty of peace and godly love. Be vigilant in where you are, in your surroundings, but also be vigilant in decreeing the Word, in going out into the world, as your presence as a child of God can be a light to the world.

Continue to focus on His Word, it’s truth, power, and supreme authority. God has actually ceded His authority to us, to use, to empower us, to build His Kingdom. If we give in and cower to evil, then we shirk our responsibilities as Kingdom representatives, becoming ineffectual, ineffective, and limp in ability to actualize God’s Word. We must not cower. We must speak His Word and decree His peace. We must use the authority He gave us. Only in this way can we be certain that we are doing God’s work, enlarging His Kingdom, and giving no place to the devil or his minions.

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