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In The Midst Of Chaos

We live in a world that is constantly changing.  That is full of challenges.  A world where our money is worth less and less even as inflation causes the things we buy to cost more and more.  The earth is full of many groups that seek to destroy and hurt others. That seek to intimidate and kill Christians.  Daily the great financiers of the world tell us about the coming recession. The possible depression, and the shattering of whatever life we have today.  The globalists tell us what we do hurts the earth, that we need to eat worms, and that only they have the answers for us common folk.  All the while the church seems spiritually impotent and morally lost as they give in to the whims of the world and the logic of man.


There are few beacons of hope for the believer that point us back to the God of Glory and the very God that created the earth. Every person on the earth seeks the protection, provision, and purpose that can only come from the Lord God.  What we see in the world, whether it be from corporate press or our peers at school or work lacks the divine truth and power that we truly need.  Psychology cannot offer us hope, peace, or power.  Drugs can’t.  Nor can political affiliation.  Social equity will bring no peace to the nations.  No object, thought, movement, or direction of man can fully liberate, motivate, or empower the spirt of man. ((((And yet, these things are fundamental to the development, happiness, and fulfillment of each man, woman, and child.)))


The things that are fundamental to happiness, purpose, and fulfilment harken back to something deeper than the muses of Thomas Jefferson, Thoreau, or even DeToqueville.  Empowering the human spirit does not lend itself to the intellectual concepts of philosophers.  No, true empowerment lies in the Lord; a relationship with Him, reading and studying His Word, and being in tune with His Holy Spirit.  God is our shield in trouble times. Our guide through the valley of the shadow of death.


We will experience the bad times that shake us to our core, and that may cause us to question our faith.  But that is when the believer should hold fast to The Lord because He is our shield.  His Word is our sword of truth. His Holy Spirit speaks to us and through us so that we may slay the words, thoughts, actions, and objects that come against us.  In the midst of a world of chaos the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is where our direction, protection, and provision come from.


People are trying to be God by neural links in the brain, possibly by controlling the weather, and using economic systems or digital currency.  They intend for us to follow them and believe in their ways to find meaning and power.  This is all false. And though it may bring changes in man’s physiology, way of living, and affect man’s freedoms they all fall short.  None of the tools of the world can bring mankind the fulfillment our spirits need.  No, that is found in relationship with God.  The things being offered by the world are band-aids and at best treat the symptoms. 


In the end all believers should harken back to the Lord and stand firm in our identify in Him.  That is the only way we will make it through this crazy time.  By being who and what God called us to be. We all need to realize that when Jesus died on the cross we all became righteous through our faith in Him.  Joint heirs in Christ and therefore about to do what He did.  We must also realize that though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death God is with us. God wants His will done on earth as it is in heaven, but we must speak His word with our mouths and believe it in our hearts.  We cannot waiver if it takes a day or a week or a year or longer for His will to manifest.  The devil and the minions of the world know this.  They work their plan and have faith in their God without hesitation.


It often appears they are wining but that need not be the case.   It should not be the case.  Do not look to the events of the world, the direction of global leaders, the state of the economy, or even your emotions for directions.  The things of the world may be uncertain, the dollar is surely crashing, and our leaders have failed us by negligence or criminal intent.  Ultimately, none of that matters.  What matters is that we realize we must look to God.  Be diligent in reading His Word and speaking it.   You see God can only do things in the earth through us.  Therefore, we must all rise to the standard of God and turn to Him.  That is how we find peace. That is how we find meaning. That is how we address our issues. How we become fulfilled and find victory over every evil plan of the enemy.


Rise up my brothers and sisters.  Walk upright in the power and authority of the Lord of Hosts.  Let us not be deceived by the temporary or unfulfilling pleasures of the world, but by the divine and lasting pleasure of God in us.   We will not be deterred by the tools of the enemy which seat power and authority, but we will walk in the authority of God.  We must release His authority in the earth and bound the power of the enemy by speaking our words.  We will see the world changed and God’s plan for creation achieved because His people walk in and command His Kingdom authority in the earth.

This is the truth.  This is the way.  This is the time.  Let’s get busy.

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