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Guess Who is Waiting on You?

Originally published on Blogger on 1/3/13

For years I have sat under a great man of god, Pastor Jim Lillard. Pastor Jim is a man of integrity who stands on the Word of God, who listens to God, teaches us how to grow in God, and who encourages us to be complete in our relationship with the Father. God has told this great man that Austin is the revival center of the nation and that our church, House of the Lord Fellowship Church is the center of that revival . I firmly believe this to be the case but I realized something……an epiphany I guess…that for this body to complete the purpose God has given us the people must mature, must stand up, must be willing to submit to God’s plan for them individually and the church collectively.

When I realized this it was like a spiritual atom bomb went off inside me. Even though I knew it was important for me to grow I had never fully appreciated how important it for me to grow so that the body (church) would complete its mission. At that moment I understood that God is waiting on us to complete the reconciliation of the earth to His Kingdom. I mean, I understood it intellectually before but I had finally developed a spiritual connection to that fact. At that moment I was “ALL IN”.

I couldn’t help but think how many men and women of God are waiting for their flock to mature, to walk fully in their authority. How so much time and effort has been wasted because the people either were not aware of their role or just were lazy. Thinking this way certainly put things in a different light and encouraged me to do what I had already been doing-growing and maturing in the Lord.

Now let me say that I have always worked towards becoming a better person, and recently have become very excited about how God will use me and the work He is doing in the earth. But knowing the assignment given to my pastor depended on people like me had me thinking “Wow!!” I was reminded that I have something very unique and special to contribute to the body regardless of who I was or what I had or had not done

Don’t forget that you don’t have to be perfect to be used, you don’t have to be 99 years old, or in the five fold ministry. You do have to be submitted to God because He wants to use all of us to lead people to God, train them, love them, and support them in their growth. To be honest, I used to be reticent about being used because of feelings of inadequacies and condemnation. No more!! I am ready and willing to be used of God to help make Austin the revival center of the nation. Don’t be afraid to let God use you and remember that He is waiting on us to do something, to do His work in the earth.

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