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Get On the Bus

Originally appeared on Blogger as Make the Right Decision, Get In Alignment. 8/26/12

It really bothers me when people who are believers default to who they emotionally like in politics. Its odd how we profess Jesus to be Lord of all and God to be the source in our lives and so quickly retreat to a candidate we like, even when our support is in direct contradiction to the scripture we say we agree with. It is ok to support whomever you like but how can you support people and even parties that are counter to the will of God?

Of course this is not to say that one party is better than another but it does beget the question, "Who is first in your life?" Should the God the Father be the center of your life then His Word tells you that your life should conformed to the Word. Unfortunately, the majority of believers today are bench warmers for the Kingdom of God. Most Christians only want to confirm their identity when it suits them, when they need something, when it doesn't require them to confront those things in their life they are opposite to His will and plan in the earth. We only will acknowledge Him and agree with His Word when it is comfortable, when it requires no change on our part.

And we wonder why politicians play us, why we don't get the help we need, why they lie to us. Too often we lie to ourselves thinking God will conform to us when we blatantly abandon His Word. The bible tells us that God exalts His Word even above His name and so should we. Doing so would first cause us to vote kingdom and not party, which would be a major change for most people. Secondly, when we do this we grow into Him and mature as a believer.

In the end most Christians will vote for a person and party not in alignment with the Word of the Father. Inevitably people come up with a plethora of reasons as to why they vote the way they do, and some even sound convincing. But in the end if it your support of a person or a party does not line up with the New Covenant then you are off kilter and likely operating outside of the will, plan, and purpose of God the Father.

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