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Don't Get Tongue Tied

Originally published in Blogger. 2/17/13

There I was sitting in church praying for God's will to be done. Declaring that His presence was made manifest in that place and throughout Austin. The whole church was praying aloud, many in their prayer language (tongues). I was too and the presence of God was palpable, like the air right before a heavy rain, saturated with His presence.

In that moment my heart, my very soul was touched by the Spirit of the Lord so strong that tears streamed down my face. I prayed in tongues as my soul reached out and came in contact with the infinite love and power of the Father. The whole church was filled with His presence.

The pastor was at the podium and asked if anyone had a word from the Lord. A lady got up who often has a word or exhortation from the Lord. She came to the microphone and began to speak in tongues. As she was speaking I could hear the words "glory and my people" rise up in my inner man. I thought to myself "That can't be it" and quickly doubted what my spirit was telling me, and of course I could not understand anything after that point.

Now I know you must be thinking "This fool is crazy" but hear me out first. As the sister began to speak the words out in english she began talking about God's glory washing down on His people. I was like "Blank, I can understand." Being able to understand/interpret tongues had never ever happened to me before.

Needless to say for the next few minutes I was aghast because the gift of interpretation is awesome and was new to me that day. I was like in awe that God would allow me to understand an exhortation in tongues. I was so excited that I talked to the lady who gave the word that I understood in my spirit. She encouraged me to keep on praying in tongues and to be open to God's influence in my life

I quickly understood that this was something that I could experience more regularly. Trouble is getting me out of the way. You see I could have very easily heard every part of the word she spoke but I made one error, I thought with my mind, and not my spirit. In the instant that I thought with my mind I disconnected from God and was therefore unable to hear what else the Holy Spirit was uttering.

What I have begun to learn is to not be afraid to hear from God, to be open to him and His Holy Spirit speaking directly to me. I have decided to become bold in speaking aloud the words and visions He gives me because when I do I show Him that I honor His Word and trust Him. This can only bless me and opens the door to God moving more mightily in me. Truth be told I encourage you to be open to His will in your life. Be willing to pray for others, to be used, to be a vehicle of His presence in the earth.

And when you do He can give you the ability to interpret tongues, to know what is going to happen in a situation before it does. He will use you in so many ways you cannot understand. I know He wants to do this for all of us. Don't be scared to hear, understand, and be moved by Him. Really, having God operate in these ways is the sweetest taste in your spirit and the greatest joy that you can feel in your heart. Be ready and be listening for the Father is always speaking to His people.

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