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Birthday Wishes

Originally published on Blogger 3/10/12

Recently I had a birthday. I can't say I did a great deal but I did spend some time reflecting. It used to be a birthday was either joyous or sad depending on what was going on in my life. Like many people I would look at my life through the prism of what the world wanted of me or what people expected. Unfortunately, this is a very bad idea that leaves one open to great swings in how happy you are in life.

This year there were many things going on in my life that I could easily choose to be all grumpy and sad. But I have learned that the joy in my life is directly related to how I see my life and what I say about it. The good thing is that once I learned that I had control over my life through my words and actions I was empowered to be free, to be happy.

I had a moment around my birthday when the burdens of life tried to weigh on me but I refused to give in to the feeling. What you need to realize here is that your life, however good or bad it may seem, is, well, your life and you are able to decide what it will be. Emotions are there yes, but once you recognize that your words and actions power your life you cannot be stopped by a thing or a person.

All too often people get sad around Christmas, Valentines, or their birthdays because they see their lives in a linear fashion. The metrics of how we measure our lives should not be based on another person. No, that will lead to disaster. The measurement of your happiness or success must be measure on how you see life. Moreover, if you believe in good it should be measured in how he sees you? And how does he see you? As a success, as complete, as a wonderful person, and as an extension of Himself.

Don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you that your life is not good because it is. And if there are things in your life that need to change they will with the proper focus. My friend, each day in your life is a glorious day. One primed for success if you don't give up. Never forget that if you don't quit you win. And when you are victorious you will inspire others to move past their external situations and embrace their God given success.

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