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As She Grows I Do Too

Recently I had lunch with my daughter at her school. We ate lunch and talked, and I gave her some money. As we sat I told my daughter that when I get to pick her up again that we need to talk about high school and boys. I told her that though the boys she was around were goofy that things change in high school and that she should be prepared. I told her that she was an attractive young lady and guys would be attracted to her.

Now I was kinda taken aback that in just over a year my kid will be done with middle school and be headed to high school. All the while dealing with peer pressure, boys, and the like. That guys will see her as a sex object, that any faith she has in God can be challenged without question in a classroom. Well, any of these things can be daunting but in reality the biggest thing that concerns me is me being the best father that I can be.

Like many parents my growth as a person, whether it be spiritually, emotionally, or even financially, is done in large part to provide for my daughter. I want to provide her with a nice house as right now both her mom and myself live in apartments. I want to encourage her in her dreams and her God given purpose. I want to help guide her to be the woman she wants to be. I want to be able to look her in the face with all integrity in my heart when talking about sex, or God, or anything. I don't lie to her and want to be as ready as possible

In considering all this I know I need to work on being the man God wants me to be. To be the father He wants and she needs means I have to push forward in my own growth and development. I must pursue the things God put in me- the ideas, the plans, and dreams In seeing parents live out their purpose and dreams children will inevitably pattern this in their own lives. This concept is important to me because I don't want my daughter to not see this in me, being the primary figure of manhood in her life. She needs to see how a man can love her, support her, and stand by her in all things at all times. This drives me like the wind and inspires me to be who I was programmed to be, what I was destined to be...a father.

Unlike so many other people I am not afraid of her being in high school, not terrified of her making mistakes, but I am much more concerned with how I act and react to these things. I need to grow in who I am in God so she can continue to see evidence of this, so she can see a steady example of real manhood. So she can see how God is really concerned with every part of your life, and how God promotes His children as they show they trust Him and follow Him.

To me my daughter close to going to high school is an impetus to raise my game, mature my spirit, and walk more fully with the Word. I want her to see that she can be God centered and still have fun, complete her dreams, and exemplify the Father just by being her. I want her to know what life really is and how to enjoy it. While she moves closer to being in high school I want her to see how she influences others and not be concerned with how they try to influence her. I want her to be her and therefore I must be me. I must glorify Him, and I must be the father she needs.

I will be these things because that is my purpose too, to be a father. To be fruitful and multiply to subdue the earth by replicating God in my children. I speak joy to my child, peace to her. I decree her angels protect her and that she walks out the purpose she was placed here for. I praise God that her mother is the woman He designed her to be and the mother my daughter needs her to be. I thank God that my daughter is a light unto the world and that she will always utilize her talents.

High school may scare the s**t out of some folks but not me. I am gonna be too busy being about my Father's business as I help raise an awesome young lady. I used to think that I wanted her to make me proud and I do. But I want her to be who she is supposed to be and trust she will make the right choices at the right time, and this will make me proud. You just don't know.

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